New Delhi, April 18: Companies across sectors have cut wages and sent their staffers on leave without pay amid the economic gloom set in by the coronavirus pandemic, some even laying off workers. The legal field is not unlinked to such shock waves.

However, despite the global economic uncertainty unleashed by the contagion, ZeusIP Advocates LLP has announced bonuses for all lawyers, paralegals and support staff for the Financial Year 2019-20.

“We have announced bonuses for all our firm members and have ensured that there are no reductions or cutbacks. We are committed to recognise and retain talent, focus on employee development and continue to uphold client relationship and service as our top priority,” said Gunjan Paharia, Managing Partner of New Delhi-based ZeusIP Advocates LLP. 

“The firm achieved all of its goals for the year 2019, including growing from a four to five Partner firm, and is set to work in the direction of fulfilling the 2020 goals with the same zeal and vigour. While the current situation has been challenging, we at ZeusIP continue to work as one force and are certain to overcome every hurdle that comes along the way,” she said.

The timely announcement of the bonus, inspite of the prevailing circumstances, bolsters faith and builds the morale of the members in such extraordinary times. ZeusIP has always tried to set itself apart from its competitors and this is just one such example, Paharia further said.

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