Read Order: Gurjit Singh and others v. State of Punjab and another

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Chandigarh, October 6, 2021: Keeping in view the fact that the dispute, relating to harassment of the petitioner-wife for the demand of dowry, had been amicably settled and in view of the law laid down by the decision of the Supreme Court in Narinder Singh and others vs. State of Punjab and another, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has quashed an FIR.

In this matter, the petition had been filed under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure seeking quashing of FIR registered under Sections 498-A, 406 of Indian Penal Code at Police Station City Rupnagar, District Rupnagar and all subsequent proceedings arising therefrom in view of the compromise.

The FIR had been registered on the statement of complainant, Charanjit Kaur, on the allegations that after her marriage, the accused-petitioners started harassing her for the demand of dowry. 

But now, with the intervention of respectable persons, the matter has been amicably compromised between the parties and they have resolved their disputes and differences.

The State counsel, on instructions from the Investigating Officer admitted the factum of compromise and submitted that in case the parties had indeed settled their dispute, the State would have no objection to the quashing of the FIR.

The Bench of Justice Jaishree Thakur was of the opinion that in a decision, based on compromise, none of the parties is a loser. Rather, a compromise not only brings peace and harmony between the parties to a dispute, but also restores tranquility in the society. 

After considering the nature of offences allegedly committed and the fact that both the parties had amicably settled their dispute, the Bench observed that continuance of criminal prosecution would be an exercise in futility, as the chances of ultimate conviction were bleak.

Consequently, the Bench allowed the instant petition.

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