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New Delhi, May 14: WhatsApp has told the Delhi High Court that its updated privacy policy doesn’t in any way compromise the integrity of the personal communication of users and is in line with industry standards. 

The reply came on a petition challenging the new privacy policy filed by Seema Singh and advocates Meghan and Vikram Singh. The petition has found some support from the government, which told the court that it’s not in line with Indian standards. The central government, in an affidavit filed earlier, urged the court to stop the implementation of the policy until the court rules on the petition challenging the update, BloombergQuint reported.

In its defence, WhatsApp told the court the new privacy policy in no way affects the privacy of the messages of a user with their friends and family. Such messages will continue to be protected by end-to-end encryption which will ensure that not even WhatsApp and Facebook will have access to them, it said.

The 2021 privacy policy update was carefully prepared and implemented to provide the users with more transparency on WhatsApp’s data practices and that it does not increase WhatsApp’s ability to share data with its parent Facebook Inc, says the reply.

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