London, May 4: Controversial businessman Vijay Mallya has filed an application for leave to appeal in the UK’s Supreme Court in the latest bid to block his extradition to India to face charges of major financial offences running into thousands of crores.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which acts on India’s behalf in UK courts, said on Monday: “He is seeking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. The authorities in India/CPS have until May 14 to respond to his application”, as reported by The Hindustan Times.

The Supreme Court usually takes up only cases that involve public interest. The high court of England and Wales had dismissed his appeal on April 20, upholding a lower court’s judgement that there is a prima facie case against him of fraud by representation.

In extradition cases, UK courts only need to establish whether there is a prima facie case against the person requested, and not to prove the person’s guilt or otherwise.

Mallya tweeted after the April 20 ruling: “I will continue to pursue further legal remedies as advised by my lawyers. I am also disappointed with the media narrative which states that I must face trial in India for a fraud of Rs 9000 crores”.

“I must draw attention to paragraph 6 of the judgement which is available to the public. Please note that the allegations against me and others are specifically and only related to three tranches of borrowing from IDBI Bank for a total of Rs 900 crores in 2009”.

“This loan was subsumed along with loans from other Banks within the Master Debt Recast Agreement of 2010. Following the DRT order for the payment of approximately Rs 5000 crores by way of Principal and Rs 1200 crores by way of unapplied interest making a total of Rs 6200 crores”.

“The Banks have already recovered in cash a sum of Rs 2500 crores which is 50 percent of the Principal amount. I have repeatedly offered to pay the Banks in full but, sadly to no avail”.

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