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New Delhi, April 15: A PIL in the Delhi High Court has challenged the AAP government’s guidelines for scrapping motor vehicles claiming the requirements for a license under these norms would oust small and marginal scrap dealers.

“The impugned guidelines are heavily tilted against small and semi-formal automobile scrappers who have been engaged in the business for generations,” the petition has contended.

The plea by Delhi resident Inderjit Singh has claimed that such small time scrap dealers were not heard before issuing the Guidelines for Scrapping of Motor Vehicles of Delhi, 2018, news agency PTI reported.

The petition, filed through advocates Sahil Bhalaik, Tushar Giri and Sewa Singh, has claimed that the scrap industry created plenty of job opportunities and the guidelines were issued without considering the feasibility and practicality of organising this sector and without seeking public opinion.

The plea has also contended that the 2018 guidelines are “unconstitutional, arbitrary and unfair” and also contrary to the Motor Vehicles Act as only the Centre has the power to make rules prescribing the manner of recycling of vehicles and parts thereof. It has sought an order from the court declaring the guidelines as null and void.

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