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June 11, 2021: Switzerland’s highest court on Friday rejected an appeal by environmental activists who were sentenced for trespassing after invading a bank to play tennis dressed as Roger Federer.

The Federal Court dismissed the activists’ argument that their playful demonstration two and a half years ago was an emergency action justified by the climate crisis.

“At the time of their action, there was no current and immediate danger,” according to the definition under Swiss law, the court said in a statement.

In November 2018, the 12 activists entered a Credit Suisse branch in Lausanne to denounce Swiss tennis star Federer over his sponsorship deals with Switzerland’s second-biggest bank and its financing of fossil fuels.

In January last year, a lower court acquitted the 12 defendants, accepting their “state of necessity” legal argument, finding that they had acted legitimately in the face of the climate emergency.

But an appeals court reversed that verdict last September, heeding the view of the public prosecutor who urged judges to “practise law, not emotion”, according to Swiss news agency Keystone-ATS.

It found them guilty of “trespassing” — a ruling upheld by the Federal Court on Friday.

The activists immediately announced that they intended to take their case to the European Court of Human Rights, in defence of their “fundamental rights”, including the right to free expression and to demonstrate peacefully.

Laila Batou, a defence lawyer for one of the activists, slammed the decision and the court’s “lack of ambition”, according to Keystone-ATS.

“The Federal Court could have given a clear signal recognising that global warming constitutes an imminent danger, but also that, in some situations, civil disobedience is necessary,” she told the news agency.

Instead, she said, the court “has ruled in favour of the powerful, the big corporations who can continue business as usual to the detriment of young people.”

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