Read Order: Ramdhan versus State of Rajasthan

By LE Staff

Jaipur, July 3, 2021: The Rajasthan High Court has asked the Bar Council to take appropriate action against a lawyer who used obnoxious and filthy language and hurled abuses at the Court while presenting his case.

The Single bench of Justice Devendra Kachhawaha, however, did not initiate any contempt action against the lawyer stating that it is taking a lenient view so as to maintain judicial dignity and decorum of the Court. 

The events unfolded during the hearing of a bail application when advocate Ramawatar Singh Choudhary lost his cool and shouted expletives at the court.

“The Counsel deliberately and wilfully uttered obnoxious and filthy language which is normally used by cheapsters and street goons. Counsel Mr. Ramawatar Singh Choudhary didn’t hold his horses and went on uttering direct abuses to this Court personally, further, the counsel commented bad upon the functioning of the Court on the judicial side,” the Bench observed.

“Being aghasted and stunned by such intimidating and defamatory act of the counsel and his levelling of scurrilous allegations in order to cow down the judicial system, with his sheer act of blatant disrespect towards the adjudicating Judge as well as for the institution, the entire court room was shocked,” the bench further said.

It said, “The overall conduct of the counsel has certainly put a dent over the constitutional and judicial basic structure. The conduct of the counsel has definitely diminished the mutual respect and relation between the Bar and the Bench”.

Justice Kachhawaha further went on to opine that if suitable and appropriate actions are not taken against the delinquency of the counsel, it will definitely breach and erode the public faith, trust and respect for entire justice delivery system and the same would be injurious to the self-esteem of a sitting Judge and it may further encourage the other lawyers to behave in such unruly and disrespectful manner.

The Court therefore deemed appropriate to condemn the conduct and behaviour of the counsel Ramawatar Singh Choudhary.

“Although, the act of the counsel is certainly warranting initiation of contempt proceedings but instead thereof, a lenient view is being taken just to maintain judicial dignity and decorum of the Court. It is, therefore, felt appropriate to bring such sorrow state of facts to the notice of the Bar Council of Rajasthan to take suitable actions against the counsel Mr. Ramawatar Singh Choudhary forthwith,” the court said.

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