The Supreme Court has ordered the Kamal Nath government to face a floor test in the Madhya Pradesh assembly on Friday and end the political uncertainty that has gripped the state for almost a fortnight, after 22 ruling party MLAs resigned and the opposition said that the government was in a minority. 

“Uncertainty in the state of Madhya Pradesh must be effectively resolved by issuing a direction for convening a floor test,” said a bench, comprising Justices DY Chandrachud and Hemant Gupta. The House will convene on Friday and will only have the agenda of holding a floor test to ascertain if the Nath government had the confidence of the House. 

Voting will be by show of hands. The proceedings will be videographed and telecast if House rules permit it. “The floor test will be concluded by 5 pm,” the court said. There shall be no restraint or hindrance on any of the 16 MLAs taking recourse to their rights and liberties as citizens. 

In the event any of them opt to attend the assembly session, arrangements for their security shall be provided by all concerned authorities, including the legislative secretary. They shall ensure that there is no breach of law and order in course of the proceedings and that the floor test is conducted peacefully. 

BJP had claimed that the state government had lost its majority and that the governor should order an immediate floor test. The governor asked the CM to face a floor test on March 16. Though the House assembled on March 16, the Speaker adjourned the proceedings till March 26, citing the COVID-19 pandemic. Fifteen BJP MLAs led by three-time former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan then moved the top court seeking an immediate floor test.

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