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New Delhi, March 17: The Supreme Court has launched a web-based e-copying software to facilitate doorstep and contactless delivery of certified copies of its judgments and proceedings. A press note issued by the apex court said that now, it will not be necessary for stakeholders to physically come at the counter of the Registry to apply and obtain such copies.

The e-copying software made available on the website of the Supreme Court of India viz. will facilitate the entitled stakeholders to get such copies, as admissible, under Supreme Court Rules, 2013 and A Handbook on Practice and Procedure and Office Procedure, 2017, the note said.

The note clarified that the launch of the e-copying software does not envisage change in existing rules but provides for an additional online mechanism to apply for certifies copies, news agency PTI reported.

The entitled stakeholders can apply for certified hard copies of the Supreme Court Judgments/proceedings by making payments, online, of the required copying charges and postal fees, (if needed), through the e-copying software itself and the certified copies will be delivered at the postal address of the applicant.

The same can also be received at designated physical counters of the Registry, it said, adding that the new system will also facilitate online application for e-authenticated copy.

It said that the user will also be notified by SMS and email about the status and progress of the request so made on online module.

A user guide is also available at the website, it said.

Notwithstanding the launch of online e-copying software the current practice to obtain certified/ unauthenticated copies as per provisions of Supreme Court Rules and A Handbook on Practice and Procedure and Office Procedure, 2017 will continue to remain in practice, it added.

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