Srinagar, December 11: A senior judge in Srinagar has complained that an attempt to influence him was allegedly made on behalf of a high court judge in a matter of a bail application, following which he expressed his inability to hear the case.

In a written order, Srinagar Principal Sessions Judge Abdul Rashid Malik alleged that the secretary to a judge of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court had telephoned him to convey the directions of the judge to make sure that no bail was granted to an accused, who had been arrested in a serious criminal case, news agency PTI reported.

Malik, thereafter, expressed his “inability to hear the matter” and said in an order dated December 7 that “this application is submitted to learned Registrar Judicial, High Court of Jammu and Kashmir with the request that the same may be placed before Hon’ble the Chief Justice as the matter involves the liberty of the person”.

The matter was heard by the registrar of the high court who directed the second district and sessions judge to hear the bail application, a state law officer said. He added that the accused was granted bail in the matter on Wednesday.

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