June 18, 2021: Slovakia’s Supreme Court overturned a verdict that acquitted a well-connected businessman from charges of ordering the murder of an investigative reporter three years ago. 

The case, which triggered the biggest political upheaval in the eastern European Union member since the fall of communism, will return to a lower court for a retrial, the DennikN newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing the ruling.

The 2018 double execution-style killing of Jan Kuciak and his fiancee shook the country of 5.5 million and led to mass anti-corruption protests. It forced the resignation of then-Prime Minister Robert Fico. The case also unearthed ties between some of the wealthiest business personalities and politicians and how those relations eroded the rule of law and democratic standards. The investigation into Kuciak’s murder has also led to graft charges against a dozen judges.

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