New Delhi, March 26: The Shaheen Bagh protesters wrote to Chief Justice Sharad A. Bobde on Wednesday against the “forcible and vindictive removal of the protest site” by the Delhi police on March 24 morning.

The letter said innocent protesters and volunteers were detained for peacefully protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019.

The protest site was dismantled by the police in the wake of curfew following the COVID-19 scare.

But the letter signed “The People of Shaheen Bagh” said it had already been decided on March 21 that “all protesters had decided to vacate the protest site, except for two to three women who would be present there to symbolise the protest, but maintain the mandated precautions”.

“The mics had been disbanded and there were no speeches being made. The library established by volunteers during the protests had been closed. The school and art club set up by volunteers for the children of Shaheen Bagh had also been closed,” the letter said.

The letter asked why the police had resorted to “ruthless dismantling and thoughtless destruction of the markers of our physical protest” when the protesters had already taken precautions in public interest and when the case was sub judice in the apex court.

It said the police action “reeks of strong vendetta and ill feelings towards our innocent protesters, locals and sympathisers”. The letter asked the court to protect the protesters’ right to dissent.

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