New Delhi, August 1: The Supreme Court has stepped in to fulfil the ambition of Ankita Meena to finish her legal studies and have a shot at a career in law.

A three-judge Bench led by Chief justice Sharad A. Bobde made an urgent intervention in her favour and directed the University of Delhi to declare her results for two semesters, The Hindu reported. The results had been withheld for a year by the varsity because she did not have the necessary attendance due to her pregnancy.

Ms. Meena, represented by senior advocate Menaka Guruswamy and a team of advocates Vivek Paul Oriel, Himanshu Dhuper, Ashish Virmani and Ruchira Goel, urged parity for their client. They said the results had been declared way back in July 2019 itself. Only Ms. Meena has been left behind. “She will miss a chance to complete her education and lose her precious time in her career,” Ms. Guruswamy argued in a virtual court hearing on July 28.

The denial of her results of two semesters just because she did not make the necessary cut in attendance due to her pregnancy is a violation of her fundamental rights of equality, liberty and dignity, her lawyers argued. They said Ms. Meena should be given an equal opportunity like her classmates to complete her high studies.

“We direct that the results of the present applicant Ankita Meena for the IV and VI semesters shall be declared by the respondent(s),” the court finally ordered.

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