New Delhi, July 23: The Supreme Court on Thursday allowed the Rajasthan high court to pass orders on Friday on a plea by rebel Congress leader Sachin Pilot and 18 other dissident MLAs challenging the speaker’s disqualification notice, setting aside speaker CP Joshi’s request for a stay on the proceedings.

“Can a person elected by people not express his dissent? Voice of dissent cannot be suppressed. In a democracy, can somebody be shut down like this?” Justice Arun Misha, heading the Supreme Court bench, asked Kapil Sibal, who is representing the speaker, as reported by Hindustan Times.

The plea filed by Rajasthan speaker CP Joshi challenged the state high court order of July 21 which had asked the speaker to defer action on his notice to Pilot and other rebel MLAs till July 24, arguing that the court’s intervention was premature as he is yet to decide on the issue of disqualification and has only issued notices.

The Pilot camp filed a caveat petition in the court, saying nothing should be done without notifying them first. The group has argued that if a group of MLAs raises its voice against the style of the CM’s functioning it cannot be termed defection. It further argued that the party whip applies only when the assembly is in session and issuing such a notice is a violation of their freedom of expression.

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