New Delhi, April 12: The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has decided to request Chief Justice of India S A Bobde to cancel the court’s summer vacation to make up for the days lost on account of the lockdown.

An official communication by the president of the SCBA said the lawyers body had resolved that all lawyers practicing in the apex court will give up the summer vacation – scheduled from May 16, 2020 till July 5, 2020.

The association further resolved that until normal functioning of open courts can resume, the temporary video-conferencing facilities be immediately improved by adoption of livestreaming of court proceedings and by replacement of the existing video-conferencing platform with a more efficient one, The Indian Express reported.

“It is only if all contesting lawyers, instructing Advocates in Record and litigants can have simultaneous access to the video-conference proceedings, that the same can become an effective system for conducting full-fledged court proceedings on par with those which our judicial system requires should normally be conducted in open courtrooms,” the SCBA communication said.

The Association said it was fully supporting the need for the restrictions in the court, “which were unavoidable in the unprecedented situation faced by all in the first phase of the lockdown”.

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