A man, who was charged with the murder of his friend 36 years ago, was acquitted by the Supreme Court on Thursday, overturning the conviction handed down by the trial court and affirmed by the Calcutta high court.

A bench of justices L Nageswara Rao and Deepak Gupta ruled that the evidence relied upon by the prosecution to prove the guilt of Md. Younus Ali Tarafdar was not sufficient and cannot lead to the conclusion that he committed the murder.

“A close scrutiny of the material on record would disclose that the circumstances relied upon by the prosecution to prove the guilt of the Appellant were not complete and do not lead to the conclusion that in all human probability the murder must have been committed by the Appellant,” the court held.

Tarafdar was accused of murdering his friend Becharam Dhara in March 1984. Dhara’s body was recovered from a well in a partially decomposed state. The body was identified by Dhara’s relatives.


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