Washington DC, April 1: Iconic octogenarian American Supreme Court judge Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is continuing her workouts at the Supreme Court gym amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to her longtime personal trainer.

Bryant Johnson, Ginsburg’s trainer, on Tuesday said Ginsburg, 87 and a four-time cancer survivor, does not want to stop her sessions.

“Everybody’s been shut down. The only reason why I didn’t shut the justice down is because, hey, she ain’t having it,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he has canceled his appointments with other clients and has only been working with Ginsburg. The court building has been closed to the public but staffers continue to visit the offices for official business.

Johnson said he is taking extra precautions and keeping a safe distance between him and Ginsburg during their sessions. He said he wipes “every piece of equipment” he thinks Ginsburg will come in contact with and washes his hands after.

“Her choice is, she doesn’t make excuses not to do it,” Johnson said. “So we find ways to do it.”

Johnson, an Army reservist, has been working with the liberal legal icon since 1999 after she underwent surgery for colorectal cancer.

Ginsburg has had a lengthy history of medical issues, but has always quickly returned to her workout regimen.


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