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Chandigarh, June 5, 2021: The Punjab High Court has refused to grant protection to a runaway couple after the Bench was told the “bride” was a minor and an FIR alleging abduction had already been registered against then “groom”.

After hearing the counsel for the parties and considering the fact that the girl’s father had already set the criminal law in motion by registering an FIR alleging abduction of his minor daughter, Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan asserted that apparently the petition had been filed just to create a defence by the man to evade his criminal liability. 

“Thus, I find no merit in the present petition at this stage,” Justice Sangwan asserted, while dismissing the petition, as reported by The Tribune.

The Bench was told earlier during the proceedings that the man was about 20 years old, whereas the girl was just over 16 years of age. Their counsel submitted that the petitioners had performed marriage and had given a representation to the Nuh SP.

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