Observing that it is not right to deprive a child of access to his/her grandparents, the Bombay High Court has directed a Mumbai-based woman to let her 10-year-old son meet her former in-laws once a week.

A Division Bench of Justices S.J. Kathawalla and B.P. Colabawalla earlier this week rejected a petition filed by the woman challenging a family court order, which directed her to let her late husband’s parents meet their grandson once a week, or as and when they come to Mumbai from Delhi.

The woman, who has now remarried, in her petition claimed that when she was married to her late husband, she was not treated well by her in-laws. She also said her son had never met his grandparents since his birth.

The bench, however, refused to accept this argument.

“The reason given by the appellant (woman) that she was not treated well by her in-laws cannot be a ground to deprive access of the child to his grandparents. If the boy has not met his grandparents till date, it is the appellant who is responsible for it,” the court said.


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