Read Order: H.C.Arora, Advocate v. State of Punjab and others 

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Chandigarh, July 28, 2021: The Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the state of Punjab not to cut trees for a road widening project in Barnala district till it takes a decision on a representation seeking the feasibility of drawing or modifying the entire plan in order to save the trees.

The court was responding to a Public Interest Litigation filed by HC Arora alleging that the Punjab government is proposing to cut trees on either side of the road between the villages of Kahneke and Rurehke Kalan in district Barnala for a road widening project. They fall within the width of 18 feet which is the proposed width of the road, he stated.

The petitioner, who appeared in person, submitted that the authorities before cutting the trees are required to consider his representation dated 19.07.2021 as well as the feasibility of drawing or modifying the entire plan with a view to save the trees in question.

The Additional Advocate General appearing for Punjab submitted that the representation of the petitioner as well as the possible alternative proposal or scheme for widening of the roads by saving trees would be examined and considered by the authorities and they shall proceed in the matter only after considering the aforesaid aspects.

Deciding the matter, the bench of Chief Justice Ravi Shanker Jha and Justice Arun Palli stated that in the light of the statement made by the Additional Advocate General, Punjab, the petition filed by the petitioner is disposed of with a direction to the respondent-authorities to examine the matter and also for the purposes of modifying the scheme, if necessary, in order to save the trees in question.

Till such a decision is not taken on the representation as well as on the scheme concerned, no trees would be cut by the respondent-authorities, the HC held.

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