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Chandigarh, October 20, 2021: The Punjab and Haryana High Court has recently observed that persons, who are major, have fundamental right to choose their own life partners, even inspite of opposition voiced by their family members.

The Bench of Justice Karamjit Singh made this observation while hearing a Protection Plea.

Herein, the petitioners alleged that both of them are major and they got married on October 13,2021 against the wishes of private respondents who are related to the first petitioner.

It is their first marriage.The first petitioner is Hindu whereas second petitioner is a Muslim girl.

The petitioner’s counsel mainly submitted that the aforesaid private respondents had threatened to cause harm to both the petitioners and in this regard, representation was given on October 13,2021 to Official respondent but till date no action had been taken by the concerned Authority in this regard.

On behalf of the State, it was submitted that the concerned Authority will look into the matter and take decision on the representation of the petitioners in accordance with law.

Thus, the Bench disposed of the present petition, with a direction to the Official respondent to consider the representation and to provide appropriate protection to the petitioners if so warranted.

The Bench also made it clear that any observations made in this Order would not be construed as an expression of opinion on the validity of the marriage of the petitioners.

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