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Kolhapur, July 12, 2021: In a rarest of rare case, a court in Kolhapur, Maharashtra has sentenced a 35-year-old man to death for brutally murdering his mother and eviscerating her organs with the intention to eat them. 

Additional Sessions Judge of Kolhapur Mahesh Krishnaji Jadhav observed that considering the proved act, its intensity, its nature and the inhumanity in the commission of act, this Court does not have any other option rather to tilt towards deterrent punishment. 

The court observed that “No doubt, the accused does not have any previous record and his conduct during detention has no complaint of jail authority, but it does not mean that it will wash out all the blots of brutality, shamefulness and heinous act from the character of accused”.  

“A person who has killed his own mother with such an inhuman manner and committed such a brazen act with his own mother may repeat the act in future. It may be fact that as accused was in detention he did not get any chance to repeat the offence. The probability and the possibility cannot be ruled out that if accused is sent for reformation he may repeat the same act during his reformation,” said the court. 

As per that case background, the accused was noticed by a child from his neighbourhood standing near his mother’s dead body covered in blood stains. There was hue and cry, and people in the vicinity called the police. The Police Inspector who reached the spot for prima facie inspection saw the body lying in a pool of blood with organs eviscerated outside. In order to rescue the accused from the angry mob gathered outside the house, he was taken to the police station even before a complaint was registered.

The Court reiterated that “if the accused is not taken with iron hands and leniency is served to the heinous, shameless and brazen act of the accused definitely it will convey a very wrong message to the society. In fact, the other persons with similar tendency will have an encouragement”. 

“Therefore, while stating that, to discourage such evil tenancies it is incumbent on the convicting Court to deal with the deterrent theory while convicting the accused”, the Judge said, adding that the accused had committed a cold blooded, brutal murder of his mother causing her death and awarded the death sentence.

State of Maharashtra versus Sunil Rama Kuchkoravi

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