July 28: Bloomberg Law is currently taking responses for its Legal Technology 2020 Survey, which focuses on the use, adoption, procurement, and efficiency impact of legal technologies.

Legal technologies have become nearly impossible to avoid and more vital than ever to daily workflows. Collaboration tools, video conferencing apps, and electronic research platforms, among others, have become critical for lawyers to effectively work from home.

A common concern for those reluctant to take on new tech is that it may cause disruptions in workflow and create more difficulties in daily activities. So far, Bloomberg Law’s survey says that those are not as much of an issue as we may have thought. Initial results from the survey indicate that generally, legal tech does not add to the number (78%) or difficulty (86%) of workflow challenges. (Hooray!)

Legal technology may have found its time to shine by increasing efficiency without the hassle of additional challenges. Results from the Legal Operations 2020 Survey found that most (81%) respondents experienced increased efficiencies due to the use of legal technologies. Based on early results from the Legal Technology 2020 Survey in progress, the percentage of respondents reporting increased efficiencies may be even bigger.


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