Read Order: Sanover vs. State of Uttar Pradesh

LE Staff

Prayagraj, August 9, 2021: The Allahabad High Court has observed that any particular language cannot be connected with any specific religion and Urdu as a language can be taught even in areas where there are few Muslims. 

A Bench of Justice Ashwani Kumar Mishra observed that in a secular State it would prima facie not be open to frame such a policy pertaining to the teaching of languages, and to discontinue an Urdu teacher only because the population of Muslims is less. 

The observation came pursuant to a complaint lodged by an Urdu teacher, saying his engagement was discontinued merely because the Muslim population was below 20% in the area where he taught the language. 

He pleaded that the number of Muslims cannot be a ground to discontinue his engagement as a teacher.

The High Court, therefore, issued notice to the State and asked the Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Basic Education to place on record the policy of the State in light of the observations.

The matter has been listed for fresh hearing on August 16.

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