New Delhi, August 12: There was some unexpected humour during a bail hearing at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, when Chief Justice of India SA Bobde pointed out the petitioner wanted to leave jail on the same day Lord Krishna was born in one.

“Today Lord Krishna was born in jail. You want to leave jail?” the Chief Justice said, as reported by NDTV. To this the petitioner’s lawyer answered: “Yes”.

The Chief Justice responded: “Good, you are not attached to religion in the extreme. Bail granted… furnish a bond of ₹ 25,000”.

A three-member bench of the top court was hearing the bail plea of one Dharmendra Karansingh Valvi from Maharashtra.

According to the order by the top court, Dharmendra Valvi was also ordered to present “two sureties of the like amount to the satisfaction of the trial court”.

Tuesday was Sri Krishna Janmashtami – the day celebrated by millions of Hindus worldwide as the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna is believed to have been born in a jail cell in Mathura (in present-day Uttar Pradesh) after his parents, Devaki and Vasudeva, were imprisoned by his uncle Kansa.

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