Read Order: Berjeshwar Jaswal and others v. State of Punjab and others 

Vivek Gupta

Chandigarh, July 12, 2021: Considering the seriousness of the situation, the Punjab and Haryana High Court held a late night virtual hearing on Sunday and directed the Punjab DGP and Patiala SSP to personally ensure that the BJP leaders allegedly detained at a house in Rajpura town are provided a safe exit with adequate security and no harm is caused to any of them.  

The High Court’s late night hearing came following an urgent petition filed by 14 BJP leaders, including a practicing lawyer, who alleged that they were holding a public meeting at a house in Rajpura town when they were held hostage by a furious mob comprising farmers. 

The petitioners claimed that they even called the police authorities who, instead of helping them, joined hands with the mob and further assisted the intruders. The BJP leaders said they were in illegal detention and there was a threat to their lives, due to which they had no option but to approach the High Court.

Passing the order, Justice Suvir Sehgal said keeping in view the urgency of the matter the notice is served to Punjab police and other respondents telephonically and a copy of the petition sent by email.

“Punjab DGP and Patiala SSP are directed to personally ensure that the petitioners and other persons allegedly detained at the house in Punjab’s Rajpura town are provided a safe exit with adequate security and no harm is cause to anyone of them,” stated the judge.

While the High Court sought the report from Punjab police by Monday, high drama took place following the High Court order Sunday night. Police had to resort to lathi charge to free the BJP leaders from illegal detention of the farmers. 

As per media reports, angry protesters pelted stones at the police and the BJP leaders, causing injuries to several policemen. The police were, however, successful in releasing the BJP leaders.

There has been tension between BJP leaders and protesting farmers for quite some time. Farmers have been boycotting the saffron party’s leaders ever since the Central government, constituted by the BJP, enacted three contentious farm laws that are being opposed by a large number of farmers in the country.

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