In CWP No.9521 of 2023 - PUNJ HC - Punjab and Haryana High Court directs Authority to decide Petitioner's case within one month regarding additional charges of motor vehicle taxes being imposed for stage carriage permit
Justice Raj Mohan Singh [25-05-2023]


Read Order: Bhisham Sharma V. State of Haryana and Others


Chahat Varma


Chandigarh, June 2, 2023: The Punjab and Haryana High Court has instructed the competent authority to consider the representations submitted by the petitioner regarding the additional charges imposed by the authorities for the Stage carriage permit under the Approved City Bus Service Scheme in Municipal Corporation, Rohtak.


The petitioner had filed the writ petition seeking a mandamus, instructing the respondents not to compel the petitioner to pay an amount exceeding the agreed sum of Rs.16,100/-. The petitioner argued that they had provided five buses for use on a specific route and were required to pay Rs. 94,900/- per month (including GST) per bus. However, the authorities were additionally charging Rs. 31,350/- as Motor Vehicle taxes and Rs.14,100/- as ada fee, resulting in a total separate charge of Rs.45,450/- per month.


The petitioner stated that he had already represented before the authorities vide representations dated 20.04.2022, 20.07.2022, 27.07.2022 and 31.03.2023 and expressed before the court that he would be satisfied if his representations were directed to be decided by the competent authority within a specified timeframe and in accordance with the law.


The court directed the competent authority to make a decision in accordance with the law regarding the petitioner's case within one month of receiving a certified copy of the court's order.

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