Bengaluru, July 8: The Karnataka High Court has issued an interim order that stays a state government order putting online classes for grades up to Class 5 on hold. 

The Karnataka government had last month suspended online classes on the grounds of possible mental pressure on young students.

The government had formed a panel to look into how much time online was suitable for young children and said no online classes should be held for grades up to class 5 until the panel gave its findings.

This decision had drawn a sharp response from many parents who wanted online classes for their children. Several pleas were placed before the High Court challenging the government order, Hindustan Times reported.

The Court, while staying the government order, also said schools could not make the classes compulsory or collect fees for them.

Online education has highlighted the digital divide with many students from poorer backgrounds or from rural areas with poor connectivity struggling with connectivity and the lack of computers or smartphones for the classes.

Schools and higher educational institutions across the country have been closed since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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