Lucknow, August 25: Lucknow Awadh Bar Association of Lucknow bench of the high court is up in arms against the Allahabad High Court administration over allowing physical hearing of cases in Prayagraj and not permitting it for its Lucknow bench.

As per the resolution passed on the issue by the Awadh Bar Association, the top most body of high court lawyers in Lucknow, all lawyers of the high court are abstaining from judicial work from Tuesday in protest against the Allahabad High Court’s decision, Hindustan Times reported.

This decision was taken at the governing council meeting of the Awadh Bar Association on Monday evening. Giving this information, president of Awadh Bar Association, HGS Parihar, said, while abstaining from work the lawyers would demand the restoration of physical hearing of cases in Lucknow too.

“At present, only virtual hearing of cases is going on at high court in Lucknow. This system has collapsed due to poor internet connectivity. But in Allahabad High Court, physical hearing of cases is being allowed,” said Parihar.

“When physical hearing of cases can be allowed at Allahabad High Court, why can’t it be permitted in Lucknow? We have a sprawling campus where social distancing can be easily maintained,” added Parihar.

High court lawyers in Lucknow have often complained about poor internet connectivity resulting in failure of virtual hearing and e-filing system. On Tuesday afternoon, an emergency meeting of the Awadh Bar Association was going to decide the future course of action on the issue.

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