Vijaywada, June 25: The Andhra Pradesh High Court conceded the plea of three employees of LG Chemicals, South Korea (LGC) to travel to their country from Visakhapatnam but directed that they should make themselves available for the purpose of investigation into the styrene gas leak incident at LG Polymers India Private Limited (LGPI) plant.

During the hearing into a petition filed by LGC employees Jong Un Lee, Eung Seob Yeom and Yun Ho Lee for permission to return to South Korea, on Wednesday, Chief Justice J.K. Maheswari and Justice K. Lalitha Kumari observed that they were neither employees nor directors of LGPI and they visited the LGPI plant to help in the efforts to ascertain the cause of the gas leak, The Hindu reported.

However, since the petitioners are members of the expert team of the parent company (LGC), they have to extend cooperation in the investigation and be personally present if required.

While saying that, Chief Justice Maheswari and Justice Lalitha Kumari said the petitioners may not have any liability for the incident, more so when they are not employees of LGPI but of LGC.

The HC directed that the petitioners should file individual affidavits within three days of the receipt of its order and tender their presence in compliance with its directions to facilitate the investigation.

Jong Un Lee (Professional, Planning Administration in the Global Supply Chain Management Department of LGC), Eung Seob Yeom (Professional, Production Technology in Polymer Department) and Yun Ho Lee (Expert Advisor-Safety and Environment) told the court that the Visakhapatnam city police have delayed the recording of their statements under Section.161 of Criminal Procedure Code and restrained them from travelling to South Korea under the garb of pending investigation.

Noted advocate Mukul Rohatgi was the counsel for the petitioners. Advocate-General S. Sriram argued on behalf of Andhra Pradesh government while Assistant Solicitor General N. Harinath represented the Union of India.

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