The coronavirus outbreak has taken place because it is “Kaalyug” and so fighting it is a tall order, a judge of the Supreme Court said Wednesday, pointing to the global pandemic that has infected more than 168,000 people and killed more than 6,600 people, confined millions to their homes practically brought life to a standstill in hundreds of cities.

Responding to a lawyer’s query about carrying out hearings in only the most important cases, Justice Arun Mishra said: “These mahamari (epidemic)  happening in every 100 years. Ghor kalyug mein virus se hum fight nahi kar sakte (We can’t fight a virus in this kaalyug)”.

“See the frailty of humans. You may do anything and everything, you may devise all weapons. But, you can’t fight this virus. We have to fight this at our own level,” Justice Mishra said.

The top court, after a meeting last week, had decided to hear only the most urgent cases.

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