Read Judgment: Shobha Vikas Bhoi & Ors vs. State of Maharashtra & Ors

Pankaj Bajpai

Mumbai, September 10, 2021: The Bombay High Court has recently ruled that it is the fundamental right of the petitioners to get regular water supply as sanctioned by the Authorities and if the water supply is provided to them only twice a month for two hours, the same amounts to a blatant mockery of their fundamental right.

The Division Bench of Justice S.J. Kathawalla and Justice Milind N. Jadhav expressed pain over the fact that the petitioners were required to knock the doors of this Court after completion of 75 years of independence seeking direction against the Respondents to provide regular water supply to them since they are at present supplied water only twice a month, that too for approximately two hours.

The observation came pursuant to a writ sought for directions to the Respondents to supply water on regular basis to the village of the petitioners as per the sanctioned quota approved in Board of Directors’ meeting dated November 14, 2014, of the Respondent.

The petitioners alleged that they have learnt from reliable sources that the Officers of Respondent Company have been supplying water illegally to the political leaders especially municipal councilors of Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation, tanker lobbies, industries in Bhiwandi and Thane, sizing companies / industries situated at Khoni Village, warehousing complexes situated on the outskirts of Bhiwandi city and construction sites, thereby earning lakhs of rupees against illegal supply of water.

The High Court therefore, directed the Managing Director of the Respondent Company as well as the Commissioner of Police, Thane to appear before this Court and inform the steps to be taken by them to resolve the problem pertaining to the supply of water to the petitioners which has been the subject matter of the Petition.

The Court also called for the steps proposed to be taken to disconnect the illegal 300-400 water connections, which admittedly exist at present.

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