New Delhi, June 29: The Delhi High Court Monday decided to restrict its functioning as also of the district courts to urgent matters only till July 15, in view of the prevalent COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The Administrative and General Supervision Committee of the High Court, headed by Chief Justice DN Patel, decided that the restriction would be in place till July 15 and the urgent matters would continue to be heard by video conferencing, NDTV reported.

“The Administrative and General Supervision Committee of this court while considering further extension of suspended functioning of this court and the courts subordinate to this court and taking note of the prevalent situation, in continuation of this court’s office orders… has been pleased to order that the suspended functioning of the courts subordinate to Delhi High Court shall stand extended till July 15,” the administrative order said.

The mentioning of urgent matters is being done through the web link which is available from 9 AM to 10.30 AM on all working days.

The high court benches are also taking up 20 oldest ‘regular/final category matters’ pending on their respective boards through video conferencing mode.

It said all the cases listed in the high court, including before the registrars and joint registrars, from July 1-15 have been adjourned to corresponding dates between August 26 to September 9 respectively.

The matters listed in the district courts during this period will also be adjourned and the information will be uploaded on their website, the order said.

Earlier, fewer benches were set up to hear the urgent matters through video conferencing.

To ensure more urgent matters are taken up, from May 22, all the judges of the high court are sitting everyday to take up important cases via video conferencing.

There are presently seven division benches and 18 single-judge benches in the high court.

The High Court had on March 25 restricted its and district courts’ functioning till April 14. It was then extended six times till June 30.

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