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New Delhi, June 7, 2021: After a large number of data of Jubilant Good work Limited, the company which operates Domino’s Pizza stores in India, was hacked and leaked online, the government has informed the Delhi High Court that the concerned departments have already blocked and removed the hacked URLs supplied to them.

The Jubilant Food Works Limited had approached the Delhi high court and sought direction from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Department of Communications, Ministry of Communications to direct and notify the intermediaries such as telecom service providers, internet service providers, search engines, to immediately remove or disable access to the uniform resource locators (URLs) created by one or more unknown persons/hackers to illegally share the data of thousands of its customers on the internet, news agency ANI reported.

On that, the bench of Justice Yogesh Khanna was on Saturday informed by the counsel for UOI, Advocate Kirtiman Singh that the URLs supplied to them have already been blocked and they will continue to take proactive steps as and when the complaints will be filed by the petitioner before them. “Besides this, there are other respondents who are also directed to act as per law”.

Senior Lawyer Dayan Krishnan submitted that hackers have illegally and unauthorisedly accessed such data from the petitioner’s secure computer resource and hosted it on the URLs without consent, thus invading the privacy of the petitioner’s customers. It is alleged the hackers had also attempted to intimidate and extort ransom from the petitioner.

Counsel for Dominos also alleged that due to delay in the action be the concerned respondents, the hackers merrily continue to re-post, re-direct and re-publish the data of the petitioner’s customers from one URL to another resulting in severe reputational risk and harm to the petitioner and, more importantly, a compromise of the personal data of thousands of petitioner’s customers.

The court granted liberty to petitioner/food chain to make written communication to the investigating officer for removal/access disablement of the same or similar offending content appearing including URLs on any other website/online platform or search engines, whether in the same or in a different context and the investigating officer is to notify such website/online platform or search engines to comply with such request, immediately and in any event within 72 hours of receiving such written communication from the petitioner.

Recently, in a hacking incident, a large number of data of Jubilant Good Work Limited was hacked and leaked online by one or more unknown persons/hackers to illegally share the data of thousands of its customers on the internet.

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