New Delhi, August 30: Drawing attention to the “positives” of the judiciary, Supreme Court Judge Justice D Y Chandrachud Saturday lauded the country’s courts for their work during the Covid-19 lockdown, saying district courts alone had managed to dispose of over 12 lakh cases out of over 28 lakh registered between March 24 and August 28.

“When international courts have been talking about cases in single digits, we have hundreds of thousands of cases disposed of,” he said at the launch of the new website of the SC eCommittee, The Indian Express reported.

Leading the way has been the Supreme Court, said Justice Chandrachud, who also heads the eCommittee. “We interacted with 50,000 lawyers who have been able to access the services of the Supreme Court during the lockdown.”

“So often we hear criticism about the judiciary… It’s easy to criticize as it has the element of curiosity. But for a change, let’s talk about the positives because this is the kind of work done for the benefit of people,” he said.

The judge said the e-court services provide “remarkable” citizen-centric services.

The new website is easy to navigate, he said, adding though it is in English, it will soon be available in different languages. “…We must be conscious of the fact that English is not the language of the masses,” Justice Chandrachud remarked. “The idea is to demystify the operations of the court system and e-committee.”

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