New Delhi, September 21: Digital media is spreading venomous hatred and is involved in “deliberate instigation” of violence and terrorism, the government told the Supreme Court on Monday, saying that the court should regulate web-based media first. 

The government also suggested that the court should leave it to parliament to decide on rules for electronic media, NDTV reported.

“There is absolutely no check on the web-based digital media. Apart from spreading venomous hatred, deliberate and intended instigation to not only cause violence but even terrorism it is also capable of indulging in tarnishing the image of individuals and institutions. The said practice is, in fact, rampant,” said the government in an affidavit.

“If Supreme Court wants to consider laying down guidelines, then court must regulate web-based digital media,” it said.

This is the government’s second affidavit recommending guidelines for digital media in a case related to private channel Sudarshan TV’s show that claims “Muslims are infiltrating” government services.

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