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New Delhi, August 20, 2021: Physical hearings in the Delhi High Court will resume from August 31, 2021, an administrative order has said.

“… the Hon’ble Full Court has been pleased to order that physical hearings in this Court shall resume from 31.08.2021,” said the order dated August 19, 2021. 

“Suitable number of Benches of this Court, for physical hearings, shall be constituted as per the directions of Hon’ble the Chief Justice while the remaining Benches shall continue to take up the matters through videoconferencing, as per the existing system of listing of matters,” it said.

The order further said that all other pending routine/ non-urgent matters listed before the High Court till September 3, 2021 shall stand adjourned all together, as already notified by the Court’s Office Order dated August 12, 2021.  

“A roster shall also be prepared for the said courts in such a manner that every Registrar/ Joint Registrar (Judicial) holds physical court on alternate days w.e.f. 31.08.2021 while the others continue to hold courts through video-conferencing, as per the existing arrangement, on non-physical days,” it stated. 

The order further said that on physical hearing days, the Courts shall permit hybrid/video conferencing hearing where a request to such effect is made by any of the parties and/ or their counsel. 

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