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New Delhi, March 15: The Delhi High Court and all district courts of the national capital on Monday resumed their physical hearing.

Advocates practicing in these courts reacted differently. While some lawyers welcomed the move others opined for continuing hearing through video-conferencing, according to the Hindustan Times.

Vikas Singh, a lawyer, welcomed the decision and said that nothing can replace a physical hearing.

“Resuming of the physical hearing will help in improving the financial condition of various lawyers who have suffered due to Covid-19 pandemic,” Singh told ANI.

On the other hand, Ranjit Gambhir, a 66-year-old advocate said that virtual hearing should have been continued as the threat of coronavirus infection still exists.

“Some lawyers were facing difficulties in attending hearing through video-conferencing, therefore physical hearing will help them to handle their case efficiently now,” said another lawyer Kamal Kant Sharma.

The Delhi High Court suspended its functioning on March 23, 2020, followed by the government’s decision to impose a lockdown in wake of the pandemic. However, the high court continued to take up urgent matters through video conferencing and later resumed physical hearing of limited benches.

Many lawyers practicing in district courts welcomed the decision and said: “It will help the lawyers of the trial court who had suffered financially due to limited hearing in the courts.”

In a notification issued last month, the Delhi High Court said: “All the Courts of Joint Registrars (Judicial) shall continue to hold courts as per the existing arrangement up to March 12 and shall hold regular physical courts, on a daily basis, with effect from March 15,”

Further adding that the Court may, in exceptional cases, permit any of the parties and/or their Counsel to join the proceedings through video conferencing, subject to availability of requisite infrastructure.

The notification also said that it is expected that the advocates, litigants and other visitors to this Court strictly adhere to the norms of social distancing and all other Covid-19 protocols, guidelines and directions issued by the Centre and Delhi government and this Court from time to time.

Earlier, Delhi High Court in an official statement announced that all district courts of Delhi to hold hearings physically on an alternate day basis and continue to take up the matters through ‘videoconferencing’ on non-physical days from January 18.

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