Delhi govt tells HC all other states got more oxygen than asked for, court asks Centre to explain


By LE Desk

New Delhi, April 29: The Delhi government on Thursday told the Delhi High Court that all other states, including Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, have been supplied with more oxygen than what was asked for, but not Delhi.

The Delhi High Court has now asked the Centre to explain if the charges are true.

The Delhi government read out details of the oxygen supplied to all states during the hearing in Delhi High Court on Thursday.

“All states have been given what they asked for. The only state that has been left out is Delhi,” said the state government. The Centre replied saying the matter has become political, India Today reported.

According to PTI, the Delhi High Court went on to ask, “Why Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra got more oxygen than they asked for, but Delhi getting less oxygen than what it asked for.”

The Centre asked the court if the details regarding the oxygen demand and supply need to be recorded in the order. The court said it wants the Centre to respond.

The court said, “We make it clear that by no means are we interested in securing for Delhi oxygen more than what is required and that too at the cost of any other State or Union Territory. However, if submissions of the Delhi government and the amicus are accepted, it would appear that Centre needs to explain this aspect.”

The court said, “Our final findings will be based on the Centre’s affidavit and their arguments before us. Centre should expedite the process of the PSA oxygen plants at the earliest.”

The Delhi government has also said, “Ideally people should be having all information. Right now, there is complete lack of information. I think the worry is that if you open Remdesivir for all, then the demand is so huge that we will never be able to match demand and supply.”

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