New Delhi, March 29: The Delhi High Court judges donate Rs 10,000 each towards the Prime Minister Relief Fund, to tackle with the health crisis due to coronavirus pandemic.

Chief Justice D N Patel and the 33 sitting judges of the Delhi High Court voluntarily decided to donate for the cause, which includes the trial courts judges, staff of the High Court.

As per the source close to the Chief Justice’s Secretariat, the meeting was convened, which recorded that “It is the need of the hour that this court and the courts subordinate to this court make voluntary donations in the ‘PM CARES Funds’”.

“It is therefore proposed that the Judges of this court donate Rs 10,000 each towards the PM Cares…,” it said.

It is further desirable that officers/officials of this court and the judicial officers, officers/officials of the Delhi District courts may also contribute one days’s salary to the said fund. The contribution can always be more than what is suggested,” the decision reveals.

India with rest of the world in struggling to deal with an ongoing global health crisis — COVID-19. The Central Government had declared this pandemic to be a “Notified Disaster”. The Central and State governments have announced several relief measures to support the citizens in these testing time.

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