Chief Justice SA Bobde said the widespread use of technology has also brought with it concerns over mass data collection and an individual’s right to privacy. He also insisted on a single system of laws cutting across various environmental issues.

Speaking at the International Judicial Conference 2020, ‘Judiciary and the Changing World’, Chief Justice Bobde said, “The two facets of globalisation that have posed the greatest challenges to the judiciaries across the world are the rise of global supply chains and the proliferation of information technology.”

Citing the importance of judicial data grid, the Chief Justice said that as part of the e-courts project in India, we have ensured that no matter where a judicial officer is located, from the remote mountaintops of the Himalayas to the sandy beaches of Kerala, they are electronically connected to the national judicial data grid.

“In India, we are utilising technology in innovative ways to facilitate and assist the delivery of justice”, he insisted.

Citing the relationship between environmental issues and the judiciary, the Chief Justice said environmental issues cannot be hindered by national and international borders. 

“Water and wind flow seamlessly across the earth and even under it. The growth of vegetation effects the animals and the man both. Perhaps there is the greatest need for single system of laws in this regard. It is said that human beings are seeds as well as parasites to the earth. We take much more than we give back to the earth,” said the Chief Justice.

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