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Allahabad, June 20, 2021: The Allahabad High Court has dismissed a petition seeking directions to the state authorities to cremate those buried along the Ganga.

A Bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Yadav and Justice Prakash Padia turned down the argument of the petitioner that it is the responsibility of state to perform cremation according to religious rites and dispose of the bodies buried near the Ganga at different ghats in Allahabad.

“If there is a death in a family, is it the responsibility of the state?” the bench asked, reported The Hindu.

The petition also sought directions to the government to prevent the burial of bodies near the river.

“Having gone through the entire petition, we are of the view that the petitioner has not done much research work in respect of rites and customs which are prevalent among various communities living along the bank of the river Ganga,” the high court said, reported news agency PTI.

The court said the petitioner may file a fresh plea after thoroughly researching about practices of the communities along the Ganga. 

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