January 15: From virtual reality collaborations to robots that write contracts, some of the technology being adopted by lawyers is surprising to many in an industry known for traditional ways of operating. However, the fast growing use of more basic tools is most transformative of lawyers’ lives during the pandemic, according to the Financial Times.

An analysis by FT involving industry experts has revealed that three trends have led to a seismic shift in digital lawyering that has been exacerbated by lockdowns — greater familiarity with the digital world; proliferation of big data; and big improvements in legal technology.
When Covid-19 hit, many organisations found that important legal documents and contracts were not easily accessible, which boosted demand for digital methods for drafting, managing and analysing legal documents.
Cloud-based platforms have also helped lawyers and their clients share files rather than relying purely on emails and attachments, it said, adding that the advent of big data has helped to accelerate the use of digital tools.


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