New Delhi, April 19: The Supreme Court will begin hearing crucial matters that require “short hearings” and death penalty cases from next week on the request of advocates.

The court will also take up review and curative review petitions which do not require oral hearings, The Indian Express reported. 

“Take notice that, short category matters, death penalty matters and matters related to family law, which are ready, may be listed for hearing through video conferencing mode subject to availability of the concerned bench and prior approval of Hon’ble The Chief Justice of India,” a circular issued on Saturday said.

The registry asked lawyers desirous of having their cases requiring short hearings to furnish joint consent of both the parties through email.

While the review and curative petitions will be heard through circulation in judges’ chambers, cases that need a short hearing will be heard via video conferencing. 

Only review of death penalty cases will be heard in open court.

With the pandemic forcing courts to hear only ‘urgent’ cases through video conferencing, on some days, like April 16, there have been no hearings.

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