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Chennai, April 12: Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay and GRT Hotels and Resorts Pvt Ltd, Mamallapuram have been directed by the Southern Bench of the National Green Tribunal to pay ₹10 crore within two months as environment compensation to the State Coastal Zone Management Authority for making unauthorised constructions to the tune of 1,100.37 sq.m in No Development Zone — 0-200 m from the High Tide Line (HTL).

Radisson Blu, Temple Bay, Mamallapuram is a unit of GRT Hotels and Resorts Pvt Ltd.

Following a report submitted by a joint committee constituted by it to look into the issue of various violations, the NGT also ordered the resort to remove the constructions in the No Development Zone within two months, while allowing it to approach the authorities for ratification as a violation case the issue of excess construction made in the permissible area — 200-500 m from the HTL within three months.

If the resort did not file an application within that time, the State Coastal Zone Management Authority has been directed to demolish the excess construction made in the 200-500 m from HTL, The Hindu reported.

Radisson Blu and GRT Hotels have also been restrained from using the construction made in the No Development Zone area, and from using the excess area constructed till it is ratified by the authorities.

The applicant had moved the Tribunal alleging that the resort was located in CRZ-1 and CRZ area and its operation hampered fishing activities in the area affecting the livelihood of fishermen. The applicant also alleged that the resort had encroached beach land and constructed its resort in the restricted CRZ-1 and CRZ areas.

Over the course of the hearing, GRT Hotels argued that the structures built in the 0-200 m from HTL measuring 1,100.37 sq.m, had been existing for almost two decades and built as additional staff quarters after approvals from local authorities, it was willing to demolish the structures as a law abiding company, by way of abundant caution.

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