Section 2  (vii-a) of the  NDPS Act  defines commercial quantity as the quantity greater than the quantity specified in the schedule, and  S. 2  (xxiii-a), defines a small quantity as the quantity lesser than the quantity specified in the schedule of  NDPS Act . The remaining quantity falls in an undefined category, which is now generally called as intermediate quantity.-
This a Report by Vidhi Legal Policy talking on Intermediate Quantity cases in Punjab..some excerpts — As a negatively-defined category, intermediate quantity cases receive disparate sentences, due to the wide range of punishments available to a judge together with a lack of sentencing guidelines…In the framework of the NDPS Act, intermediate quantity is recognised by the courts in cases where contravention involves a quantity lesser than commercial quantity but greater than small quantity…..The category of intermediate quantity does not feature in the Schedule of the NDPS Act, but is negatively defined as the range between small quantity and commercial quantity.   Page 51 of this pdf deals extensively with NDPS Act and Intermediate Quantity Cases.

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