Hundreds of top women lawyers in US share their abortion stories with the country’s Supreme Court in ‘amicus brief’ to press for revocation of law restricting women’s reproductive rights  

As many as 368 women lawyers and legal professionals, many of them partners at the USA’s top-10 law firms and counsel to Fortune 100 companies, filed an ‘amicus brief’ in the country’s top court narrating the circumstances behind their decisions to terminate their pregnancies and the effects that the abortions had on their lives.   

The women said they were compelled to tell the nation’s highest court their abortion stories in their bid to end the restrictions placed by way of laws on women’s right to make their own reproductive choices. 

 The Supreme Court had on December 5 agreed to hear a restrictive abortion law in the state of Louisiana. The country is affected by controversial abortion-related laws passed due to conservative politicians and pro-life lobbying groups.


Indian-origin couple wins race discrimination case over adoption, awarded £120,000 in damages

An Indian-origin couple based in Berkshire, UK has been awarded £120,000 in damages after a judge ruled that they were discriminated against on the basis of race by not being allowed to adopt a child.

Sandeep and Reena Mander had their application to join a register of approved adopters turned down because of their Indian ancestry, and were told their chances would be improved if they looked to adopt in India or Pakistan.

UK court upholds appeal against conviction of three men arrested for stealing handbags in 1972

Three men who were convicted of theft nearly 50 years ago in the UK have finally had their names cleared with the Lord Chief Justice saying, “Our regret is that it has taken so long for this injustice to be remedied.”

The men were arrested in March 1972 by a group of undercover police officers at the Oval Underground station in London. They were beaten in the police cells and then charged with attempting to steal, theft, and assault of the police.

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