In this case the term “intermediate” quantity has been used. The Amendment act does not use the word intermediate though. The Notification only talks about commercial and small quantity.The difference when it comes to quantity is only in the punishment. Provisions for punishment are for small, commercial and the quantity in between these two.E. Micheal Raj v. Intelligence Officer, Narcotic Ctrl.Bur- (Herein the offending substance was an opium derivative)-  “New Section 21 also provides for proportionate sentence for possessing small, intermediate and commercial quantities of offending material….the narcotic drug which was found in possession of the appellant as per the Analyst’s report is 60 gms. which is more than 5 gms., i.e. small quantity, but less than 250 gms., i.e. commercial quantity. The quantity of 60 gms. is lesser than the commercial quantity, but greater than the small quantity and, thus, the appellant would be punishable under Section 21(b) of the NDPS Act.”

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