Former Supreme Court judge Justice A.K. Sikri Saturday said India’s collegium system needs “reconsideration”.

Speaking at the launch of Chintan Chandrachud’s new book ‘The Cases That India Forgot’, he said, “Let me be very frank and blunt about this…we do have the process of evaluation of judgments [for elevation] but I would say that most of the time, we go by our impressions. It may not be a scientific study made about a particular candidate.”

Sikri also said, “…those who are appointed may not be deserving and many times, those who are deserving are left out. This needs to be taken care of.”

Also present at the launch were Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, Additional Solicitor General and senior advocate Madhavi Garodia Divan and managing partner of AZB & Partners Zia Mody.

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