New Delhi, April 28: Attempts to browbeat judges will be dealt with sternly, the Supreme Court said in a judgment on Monday.

Citizens can criticise judgments but no one has the right to attribute motives or scandalise the judiciary, a Bench of Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose said, The Hindu reported.

The court found advocate Vijay Kurle, state president of Maharashtra and Goa of the Indian Bar Association, advocate Nilesh Ojha, President of Indian Bar Association and Rashid Khan Pathan, national secretary of NGO Human Rights Security Council, guilty of contempt for making scandalous allegations against the judges.

“Lawyers who try to browbeat or threaten judges have to be dealt with firmly and there can be no ill founded sympathy for such lawyers. Such lawyers do nothing to help the legal fraternity much less the Bar,” it said.

The 92-page judgment said bonafide and constructive criticism of any institution including the judiciary and judgments pronounced by it is always welcome and cannot amount to contempt of court.

“However, if the allegations levelled go beyond the ambit of criticism and scandalise the Court then there can be no manner of doubt that such utterances or written words would amount to contempt of Court,” the top court said.

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